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HIEST - Health Information Exchange Solution

HIEST - Techsant Health Information Exchange solution built based on the IHE Profiles. The key components are Master Patient Index, Record Locator, Document Repositories, Interoperability Engine, Privacy and Security Engine, Web Portal.

HIEST - Techsant's Health Information Exchange Product which that has the following features: HIEST
  • Master Patient Index: Identifies and links individual patient's disparate clinical records from across multiple systems or locations
  • Record Locator: Locates clinical information, enabling care providers to find and access necessary data when needed.
  • Document Repositories: Locations to which clinical data is stored during the publish process and from which it can be retrieved by others outside the enterprise. Multiple repositories are supported for federated or hybrid HIE architectures.
  • Interoperability Engine: Establishes the interfaces to multiple clinical systems and performs the translation and transformations to enable legacy systems to exchange with one another on the basis of the latest industry interoperability standards.
  • Privacy and Security Engine: Controls data access by determining what resources are available to what roles and under what conditions. It provides role-based access controls with unlimited granularity and ensures optimal authentication, encryption and auditing.
  • Web Portal: Provides end-users with a web interface to access otherwise scattered data. It is highly customizable to meet client specific branding and marketing requirements.
  • HIEST provides the following support for IHE profiles.
  • XDS.a / XDS.b Document Source
  • XDS.a/ XDS.b Document Consumer
  • ATNA Secure Application
  • CT Consistent Time Client
  • PIX/PDQ Consumer (including v3 support)
  • XCA Initiating Gateway
  • XCA Repository Gateway

DRIDGERDRIDGER - Interoperability Gateway

DRIDGER is built based as a NwHIN specification to enable disparate care facilities to connect to Nationwide Health Information Exchanges, Health Information Service Providers (HISP) and Regional Health Information Organizations.

The components of DRIDGER are the following.
  • Thin Document Repository
  • Document Registry
  • Policy Engine
  • Subscription Repository
  • Re-Identification

How can Techsant help you?

DRIDGER is based on the NHIN Connect Adapter specification to enable disparate care facilities to connect to Nationwide Health Information Exchanges. The components of DRIDGER are the following.
  • If you are thinking about an integration effort to participate in an HIE or HIN?
  • If your clinical and administrative systems are unable to share documents in the shared networks based on IHE profiles
  • If you are planning to consume externally hosted services for key business processes, for example: Prescribing, claims, referrals etc
  • If you have an evolving requirement to support HL7v3 standards like CDA / CCD
  • If you want to exercise greater control over your interoperability infrastructure.
  • If you are concerned about scalability and performance of your existing infrastructure in light of new requirements for exchange